It’s all in the cut…

It’s been a long standing discussion in our home. Global, Wusthof, Kershaw…? No, not works of art. I’m talking about good, functional knives. It’s amazing what a good knife can do for your life. I mean let’s face it, we were not all born with a natural ability to julienne, rondelle, mince or chiffonade. But […]


I need to confess here that it took me a while to perfect my technique of grilling or baking chicken. Magic words are marination and cooking time. Pretty obvious huh? Well it took me several tries to turn the dial and get the right combination. It had to make palatable sense to gadget man you […]

Vibrant Nature

I’ve been looking forward to Spring ever since Fall ended last year. There is nothing much that appeals to me about winter other than the fact that there are less bugs and critters around the house! My body went through an extreme climate shock when I moved from Dubai and it’s dry heat & humidity […]

(Cauli) Flower Power

Lately, I have been trying to sneak in more cruciferous vegetables into my grocery bag. Broccoli, cabbage, kale are just a few of the super stars that are known for their antioxidant and cancer fighting properties. Cauliflower and potatoes (better known as ‘Aloo Gobi’) is a no-introduction meal in North India. It’s probably the most […]

The Biryani…its a piece of cake!

The Biryani is a victim to many culinary experiments over the years. It’s come a long way from the Moghuls and Hyderabad.There are many versions of it – the layered, the multi-colored, the sealed & steamed version and then you have my rustic version.I like to make this on a day when I don’t feel […]

24 Carrots

I picked up these beautiful carrots from Costco the other day and when I got home, I pondered over whether to cook them or bronze them and frame them. They are so perfect! (and incredibly sweet). So I ate some, took a few pictures of some, froze some and then I cooked the rest.Something so […]

The humble chickpea

As hard as we try, rice is still a big part of our meals, especially, when it’s an Indian night. But, that’s okay because it’s a great way to get some veggies and fiber into a fussy husband’s stomach!I made this a few nights ago and served it with a simple cumin chicken curry – […]

Munching the blahs away

Family Day has been around for a few years now and it’s a welcome long weekend during the February blahs! Really, these February blahs are nothing but blahs. It’s a short month but it sure is blah. On this long weekend Monday in blah February, I made something something uplifting, different, spicy, tangy and nutty. […]